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GQMS Registration and login is provided free of charge to all applicants who have ordered the application kit and guidelines. Using the password and login provided to applicants, applicant entities could login to GQMS system and manage their certificates, quality marks and declarations online. Applicants can download the digital editions of the application kit contents and upload their material online for faster processing (please note that hard-copy materials must also be send by standard mail). For entities already awarded with the GQMS quality mark, login to the GQMS platform allows access to all relevant materials. Awarded companies can download digital editions of GQMS material to integrate to their corporate communication, advertising campaigns and marketing. Customized, high-resolution and transparent background GQMS logos in different sizes and color options are available for download. Furthermore, application to further schemas, products or services could also be managed. If you are already awarded with GQMS quality marks, to receive login and password to access GQMS content, please contact support. If your institution is applying for the GQMS quality mark for the first time, please order the application kit and guidelines and wait for the support team to provide you a password and login. Login to the GQMS Digital Platform to access the following: Digital editions of the application kit and guidelines, GQMS, QIS and ICS Quality Marks, Badges and Logos, Quality Certifications and Declarations, Concise Quality Statements and Star Rating Requirements, Quality Flags and High-Resolution Downloads for Marketing and Communication.

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Login to GQMS Platform
To login to the GQMS platform please type in your username, password and secure code provided by the GQMS support team after application. If you have lost your username and password, please contact support to request new credentials to login.

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