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International Consumer Satisfaction System for Quality (ICS)



ICS is the GQMS mark for the services. ICS the international consumer satisfaction system has been designed with services in mind. The ICS consumer satisfaction system allows your consumers to keep in touch with you by providing feedbacks and insights accessible by your employees only. The consumer feedbacks not only allows the capturing of valuable consumer ideas, but also provides the opportunity for quality improvements.

GQMS means global quality management system. GQMS allows businesses to highlight their quality to consumers through communicative elements such as: GQMS Quality Mark, GQMS Endorsement, GQMS Quality Certificate, GQMS Quality Business Network and others. GQMS also allows businesses to capture user insight through feedbacks and evaluations which could help companies for quality management, and quality improvement.
GQMS is the first verifiable quality management certificate system which could be checked by the end users through the 15 digit identification code that is included in the quality marks. This system also ensures that the quality certificates are valid, and that the companies could be contacted instantly.

The GQMS Mark for Quality has been developed with businesses in mind. The GQMS is used by multinational or small enterprises, public or private sectors, commercial businesses or non-profit organizations. We know and understand that your business is unique and therefore we have developed a highly qualified system that helps businesses highlight their qualities. Every company who wishes to highlight the intrinsic qualities of their services could apply for the GQMS:ICS quality symbol. If a company states that the following adjectives apply for their "quality": high, good, excellent, exceptional, great, outstanding, satisfactory, acceptable, sufficient, etc., in this case companies could apply for the GQMS:ICS quality symbol to highlight and communicate their level of excellence i.e. the quality to consumers. The GQMS quality mark can help to highlight the degree to which a company or system is free from flaws, or to demonstrate differentiating properties or attributes of a company to mass markets.  You can apply for the GQMS Quality Award at any time by requesting the application kit and guidelines.

Application Requirements
To apply for ICS Quality Mark, you need to order the GQMS application kit and follow the guidelines. However, before ordering the GQMS application kit and guidelines please make sure that your institution meets the following base criteria:

• Your services fully satisfy the national state standards,
• Your services are compatible with international standards,
• The services are economically effective,
• Parameters of quality are stable.
• Your services are documented to ensure sustainable quality,
• Your institution is ready to sign an affidavit which attests that your company has met all of the qualifications to become a GQMS quality holder company.

Application Kit
To apply for the GQMS Mark, ICS Quality Badge or QIS Quality Symbol, companies and institutions must order the GQMS application kit and guidelines. The GQMS application kit costs 250 Euros and the kit contents and requirements vary depending on industrial sectors. In the event that your institution is deemed ineligible for the GQMS quality mark, application kit fee will not be refunded but you will also not need to pay any further or additional fees. Based on the number of products or services you apply the GQMS Mark, further or yearly fees could be required which is explained in the application kit. 

Application Kit Contents
While the contents of the GQMS application kit vary based on industry and sectors of the applicant company, the GQMS application kit contains the following base elements: 1. GQMS Generic Registration Form (GRF).  2. GQMS Written Agreement and Postage Instructions (API). 3. GQMS Self-Assessment and Evaluation Guidelines (SEG). 4. GQMS Survey and Feedback Form (SFF). 5. GQMS Application Forms (QIS,GQMS,ICS).

Application Process
Step 1: Implement GQMS:ICS - purchase the GQMS application kit and complete the self-assessment.
Step 2: Apply to be reviewed – complete, sign and send the ICS Quality Mark application forms via post.
Step 3: Wait for Response - an assessor, known as a peer reviewer, will contact you to confirm details.
Step 4: Document Review and Checks - you will submit missing or additional documents if required.
Step 5: Receiving the Award Kit - if you are successful you will receive the ICS Quality Kit which includes the ICS Quality Mark (and/or ICS Quality Symbol, ICS Quality Badges), the ICS Quality Certificate and the ICS Quality Agreement.

How long will it take?
Getting a GQMS:ICS Quality Mark usually takes around 6 weeks. Corporations who are in rush can apply for swift assessment. Please be reminded that the award is valid for the whole duration minus the time passed since the beginning of the year i.e. if you apply for a 2 year application in mid July, it will be valid for 1.5 years.

Week 1: Submit GMQS:ICS Application
Week 2: Receive the GQMS Application Kit and Guidelines
Week 3: Fill, Sign and Submit the GQMS:ICS Application Kit
Week 4: Wait for Review, Submit Missing Documents if Any
Week 6: Receive Your ICS Quality Kit

How much will it cost?
The cost of a GQMS Quality Mark depends on the size of your company, number of registered concise quality statements and the application period and duration. The number of concise quality statements determines the quality level and star ratings. The GQMS Quality Mark has six quality levels: standard, one star, two stars, three stars, four stars and five stars. GMQS Quality Symbol could be obtained for one year, two years or three years. In the event that you are deemed ineligible for GQMS, your application fee will not be refunded but you will not need to pay further or yearly fees. If your institution is granted the GQMS Quality Marks, you might need to pay additional or yearly fees as explained in the application kit.

Request GQMS Application Kit

Good customer service is about going over and above the standards, it's about getting repeat business and customers spreading the word about your service. The ICS Customer Satisfaction Awards (CSA) are given to companies and institutions that show commitment to outstanding customer support and service. The ICS Customer Satisfaction Award recognizes an organization that has achieved measurable success through innovative solutions for customers. ICS Customer Satisfaction Awards recognize, honor, and celebrate companies that are achieving outstanding success for their customer service policies. For a company or institution to apply for the ICS Customer Service Awards, their workers need to: 1. Provide timely customer service in given situations. 2. Demonstrate knowledge of corporate products and services and assist customers to select the right goods or services. 3. Build rapport with customers 4. Communicate information clearly and approach consumers issues in a constructive manner. 5. Maintain and integrate knowledge of legislation applicable to the sale of goods and services. Furthermore, CSA Customer Satisfaction Award applicant companies or organizations are required to employ techniques for capturing consumer insights and feedbacks in order to ensure the quality improvements over time. ICS International Consumer Satisfaction System for Quality already incorporates this ability. CSA Award winners can use the quality award logo in their mass communications; integrate to marketing campaigns, advertisements and websites. To apply for International Consumer Satisfaction Awards, please order GQMS Application Kit and Guidelines.