Global Quality Management System

Global Quality Management System

What is GQMS?

GQMS is the leading quality management system developed for businesses who wish to communicate their qualities in a verifiable manner through concise quality statements and extended information and accessibility. The GMQS includes concise quality statements, extended information and associated data regarding businesses, products or services which could be looked up by consumers. GMQS are markers of high-quality, and aim to help end-users and consumers during their purchase decisions. GMQS has a straightforward, multi-lingual, user-friendly approach to communicate qualities regarding a product, service or business.

When your business carries a GMQS star rating, GMQS quality mark or endorsement, the symbol is working as a customer attractant on many levels. Joining GMQS is also a way to ensure your enterprise gets the vital input required to maintain or improve business performance.

GMQS marks are verifiable using the 15 digit identification codes that accompany the logos through the GMQS website or accompanied URLs for specific logos. Consumers are able to access the URLs and type the 15 digit identification codes to look-up CQS specified for the products, services or businesses. The 15 Digit system was especially chosen so that the full range of twelve digit UPC-12 Universal Product Code, thirteen digit EAN-13 - European Article Numbers, International Article Numbers, Japanese Article Numbers, fourteen digit ITF-14, GTIN-14, Global Trade Item Numbers, could be easily implemented. During the verification, the consumer is able to see and access several critical information that is related to quality.

GMQS System provides further information for consumers. For products for example, the consumer is able to see 1. Manufacturer Information (Brand Name, Legal Name, Contacts), 2. Origin of Product (Country of Production, Year of Production), 3. Base Materials (for recycling or health purposes),  4. Origin of Design (Country of Design, Year of Design, Designers Name or In-house), 5. A Picture of the product, 6. A Picture of the Package of the Product, 7. Logo of the Manufacturer, 8. The CQS attached to this product. 9. Optional area for product features, product manual, specifications, prospectus, metadata and description. For Services, the GQMS Quality Mark carries significant information such as: 1. The business states that it operates in an ethical and professional way. 2. Thanks to the star grade, you know in advance which type of business you are dealing with. 3. Business contact information is available. 4 You can provide feedback to this business. 5. You can report product or service related issues of this business through the GQMS.

Rating System
Unlike other quality management systems, GQMS provides a rating system for products and services so that consumers could make informed decisions during their purchases. Different quality levels could be achieved depending on the number of quality statements that a corporation could put forward for its products, services or itself. The achieved quality level is demonstrated at the quality certificates, quality badges, quality marks and quality logos through star ratings.

Since the GMQS has been designed as an international symbol for quality, the GMQS verification system is multi-lingual and has especially been developed to relay information to the consumers worldwide. Consumers are able to verify the GMQS symbols for quality in a wide range of languages. Consumers are able to choose major languages to access the information in a convenient manner and furthermore the GQMS logos and symbols feature illustrations to relay the information related to the service or product. 

GQMS Quality Mark
Each GQMS Quality Mark includes a 15 digit code which could be used for verification purposes. When a consumer queries the 15 digit identification number, all the quality statements that a company makes could be accessed. As a consumer, when you see a GQMS quality mark, star rating or endorsement you understand that the business has indicated that they have taken the necessary steps to back up their statements regarding their company, products or services. GQMS also allows users to leave feedbacks and share insights with the product manufacturers or service providers which allow companies that have implemented the GQMS quality system to improve quality further overtime. GQMS Quality Mark enhances customer confidence, helps to eliminate inefficiencies and is used as a framework for improving ongoing management of corporate processes and procedures. GQMS mark demonstrates your organization’s commitment for quality. Ongoing marketing and advertising campaigns promotes the GQMS Quality Mark brand which creates brand awareness, can increase your organization’s competitive advantage especially in perfectly competitive markets, allows to capture valuable feedbacks and insights from consumers, can be verifiable by end-users, consumers and customers, could potentially lead to higher sales for quality oriented audiences. The GQMS Quality Mark is given to institutions and businesses which sign the GQMS Affidavit for Quality Commitment. For products and services two distinct quality schemes are implemented called ICS and QIS respectively. Displaying your GQMS logo proudly is evidence that your business has been highlighted as a quality business. It provides instant recognition for customers that your business will deliver a quality experience, and collect or respond to feedbacks otherwise.GQMS quality assurance is an investment in your business, and entitles you to take advantage of a range of exclusive opportunities and business tools. Institutions that follow our guidelines could obtain the GQMS quality marks,  GQMS quality logos, and GQMS quality certificates to use with their communication. Apply to GQMS Quality Mark.

ICS Quality Mark
The GQMS Quality Certificate helps to highlight the level of excellence for businesses, however to specifically highlight quality of the services a company provides, a more suitable and specialized system called ICS was developed. ICS stands for International Consumer Satisfaction System for Quality. ICS is the GQMS Quality Mark for Services. ICS system is highly focused on collecting user-insights to improve the quality of services over time and has especially been designed to ensure quality of services. ICS allows consumers to file confidential complaints and feedbacks to service providers which can only be seen by the quality managers.Managers can use these feedbacks to discover bottlenecks or issues within their services to improve them further. Learn more about the International Consumer Satisfaction System for Quality.

QIS Quality Mark
The GQMS Quality Mark is to highlight the level of excellence for businesses, however to highlight quality of specific products a more suitable and specialized quality system called QIS was developed. QIS stands for International System for Quality. The QIS system is a highly specialized quality system with set of indications and requirements for each specific type of quality. While the general GQMS mark applies for the concept of quality within a company, the QIS quality system for products also relates to performance expectations for products. Depending on the quality level, QIS ratings consider product efficiency, performance, materials, ergonomics, sustainability and many other issues. Learn more about the International System for Quality.